Yoren Schriever.

Semaphore (2013)
From restful to vigorously energetic, semaphore will fill the room with the right ambiance. video >>
Entrapment (2014)
Visitors race eachother to reach the vault without setting off the alarm.
Pixels (2011)
Interactive installation
Yoren Schriever & Jonas Vorwerk
In this work we invite visitors to play with life-sized pixels and create their own three-dimensional sculptures. more >>
Analog synth (2010)
Musical instrument
A modular analog synthesizer, built form scratch down to each resistor and capacitor for a maximally persionalized sound.
Algorhythm (2012)
Sequencing device
Midi sequencer powered by a neural network. This device can, after listening to a few songs, produce melodies in the style it was trained.
Floating Points (2012)
Interactive installation
Yoren Schriever & Patrique Zaman
A cloud of balloons filled with helium and LEDs floating in the sky. They create a reflection of the actions of visitors on the ground.